Building Bridges to Innovation 2018

Building Bridges to Innovation 2018

What are the latest trends shaping the biopharma industry in China? The exclusive Building Bridges to Innovation report by McKinsey & Co. was commissioned for the 5th BioCentury-BayHelix China Healthcare Summit (Nov. 13-14, 2018, Shanghai).

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Topics Discussed

  • Will quality and reimbursement reforms create a “year of reckoning” for mature brands in China?
  • How fast is market access improving in China for innovative products? 
  • Has the war for talent in China reached a boiling point?
  • Can local biopharma innovation compete with multinational products in China?
  • How will digitization improve physician and patient engagement in China?
  • Plus: The third edition of McKinsey’s China Drug Innovation Index (CDII)

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