Your Path to Virtualization

Sponsor Edition - Eight parameters to optimize your technology strategy
Disruptions to clinical trials that prevent or limit site access to patients, monitors, and CRAs are propelling long-lasting changes in the research industry, supported by the adoption of trial virtualization technologies. Download this eBook to learn eight parameters that are driving the successful response and approach to decentralized trials to guide sponsors in optimizing their technology strategy.

Bridging the Resource Gap in Drug Development

Biotechnology and pharma companies alike are under pressure to develop new drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices faster and faster. But due to an inherent resource gap, small and medium-sized (SME) biotech firms are at a disadvantage right from the start. This white paper shares four tactics SMES should consider as they seek new ways to minimize R&D costs, speed development, and improve research outcomes.

Running on the China Bridge to Innovation 2019

What are the latest trends shaping the biopharma industry in China? Based on interviews with biopharma C-suite from China and the West, the exclusive Running on the China Bridge to Innovation by McKinsey & Company was commissioned for the 6th BioCentury-BayHelix China Healthcare Summit (Nov. 18-20, 2019, Shanghai).

Emerging Company Profile Collection

The world of drug development is rapidly changing, driven by the dramatic evolution of technology and science. Big data and analytics now play a key role in driving decisions throughout the drug development process – influencing everything from product vision and asset valuation discussions, to site selection and study design, to launch and commercialization strategies.

Immunotherapy: A Cure for Cancer?

The BioVox White Paper on Cancer Immunotherapy showcases innovators and world leaders in this exciting field, including GSK Biologicals, Janssen Immunosciences, Celyad, RXi Pharmaceuticals, eTheRNA, ImmunXperts, iTeos Therapeutics and PDC*line Pharma.

ASH by the Numbers

ASH by the Numbers — a report on BioCentury's insights into the emerging targets and top trends in hematology from the 2017 American Society for Hematology (ASH) meeting. BioCentury's editorial analysis is based on data from its machine-learning program.

In Vitro Diagnostics, a life sciences communication platform, has created a white paper on In Vitro Diagnostics. Download the report that discusses the challenges and opportunities of IVD in Europe and the US with industry experts.

Building Bridges to Innovation 2015

Commissioned for the BioCentury China Healthcare Summit, this report discusses recent trends impacting the short- and long-term potential of the China pharmaceuticals market. The report explores root causes of the market slow-down observed in 2015, and assesses China's latest policy developments meant to better support innovation.